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5 Natural Ways to Deal with Bloating

With the Holiday Season coming up, you're going to want to continue reading... Bloating. That oh-so uncomfortable feeling in the gut. Often it rears its ugly head after a large meal. Or a small meal. Or a snack. Or...   Yikes! How can we figure out what’s causing it? Perhaps you already have some wise [...]

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Need a Mood Boost? Eat This.

While we know bad moods can lead to bad eating habits; it’s also true that bad eating habits can lead to bad moods.   Food can impact our moods because of two factors. First, the nutrients are the building blocks for everything in our body, including mood-regulating “neurotransmitters.” Second, what we eat affects our blood [...]

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Salt: The Delicious Health-Buster (And What to Use Instead)

If you (or someone you know) has ever been told to “eat less salt,” or go on a “low sodium” diet, what does that mean? And how much sodium is actually in salt?   I can tell you right now that cutting down on the salt you sprinkle from your salt shaker probably isn't going [...]

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                  Doesn't that sound crazy?   Ummmmm ya that sounds crazy because  it is!!! This type of transformation is definitely not possible in just 3 weeks! (Not in a healthy sustainable way anyways). The truth is, this is actually a 12 MONTH TRANSFORMATION!   I was watching [...]

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Why Am I Always Hungry?

Does the title of this post make you hungry?   Sometimes just thinking about hunger or food makes me hungry. Even if I know, I'm not physically hungry.   Don’t blame yourself for always being hungry. There are legitimate physical and psychological reasons why you might feel this way. I share some of those in [...]

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The Real Deal About Artificial Flavours

Processed foods are the worst!   They contain too much salt, sugar, and fat. And not enough fiber, vitamins, or minerals. They're made with crummy inexpensive ingredients that you'd never find in your pantry or fridge; ingredients like artificial flavours.   Here’s my post on the real deal about artificial flavours. Why food manufacturers use [...]

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Here’s How to Make Cooking More Fun

Do you find cooking to be fun? Or do you do it because you know it’s good for your health? Maybe you avoid it because it’s such a chore? If you're in a rut and want some inspirational tips on making cooking more fun, I've got you covered. I've compiled my five best tips and [...]

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Mindfulness and Meditation…Do They Really Work?

Mindfulness and meditation are health buzzwords nowadays. Everyone, even those who aren't health practitioners, tout the amazing effects of being mindful and practicing meditation.   But, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean you should do it...or does it?   As a practitioner, I recommend it. This post gives you the lowdown on why it may [...]

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Reduce Inflammation With These Key Foods

INFLAMMATION! INFLAMMATION! INFLAMMATION!   This topic seems to be absolutely everywhere these days. Who in the health and wellness field is NOT talking about the infamous inflammation?   Some say it’s the root cause of all disease.   Everyone wants to tell you how to kick it to the curb.   Let me give you [...]

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What is the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load?

Glycemic this and glycemic that. Does it matter?   You'll notice that they both begin with "glycemic." That's one tip that they have to do with sugars and carbs. Not only how much sugar is in foods, but more importantly, how it affects your blood sugar levels.   In general, diets that are high on [...]

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