I just got back from Vancouver from a week of intensive study of the spine, it’s anatomy, dysfunction, and application with Tiffany Cruikshank founder of http://www.yogamedicine.com I did my 200Hr. Yoga Teacher Training with Tiffany and Yoga Medicine and have now begun my journey toward my 500Hr. Advanced Teacher Training starting with the spine.
This journey of studying yoga and the body and learning how to understand it more deeply is very important to me.  I was overweight had so many injuries when I started my yoga journey almost 2 years ago now, so I know what it’s like to feel like it is impossible to move properly and/or to feel hopeless and taken over by injury.  It doesn’t mean yoga is a 100% fix and/or the total cure, but in my opinion, if you allow it, I believe it can certainly help to manage symptoms and possibly even reduce pain to the point of not having to think about it for 95% of your day.  Imagine what that can feel like!  I didn’t think that was possible just 2 short years ago, but working with health professionals and developing a regular yoga practice, it certainly has changed my life for the better.
Studying the spine this past week in Vancouver was so much more than the SPINE!  We looked at understanding things like the surrounding muscles, tissues, and everyday routines that affect our abilities to live with or without pain.  We looked at understanding how to strengthen the deeper muscles with application of specific yoga postures and exercises in order for our superficial muscles and prime movers to carry less tension so that we may move more efficiently with less stress on our joints and bodies in general.
My goal is to help as many people as I can and to share all that I continue to learn.  I want people to understand that the pain we may potentially encounter is not a life sentence. There are things we can do to take control over our own situations.  I got help from my fabulous teachers and I want to pay it forward.
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