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I have always valued the benefits of fitness and an active lifestyle.  I worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor between the years of 2002 -2007.  At which time I decided to take my teaching skills into an Elementary School classroom for a more “stable career”.  During my time as a teacher, I incurred many injuries, loss of mobility, and an increased amount of weight gain due to inactivity and the devastating loss of my older brother/best friend.

Many doctors told me that I should accept my fate and that I should simply modify my lifestyle in order to simply manage my injuries as best as possible.  Determined to live the life I knew I could, I finally took control by hiring a trusted old friend to train me and to help to bring me back to life.  I re-certified as a Personal Trainer with Can Fit Pro in December 2015 and completed my 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Certification with Yoga Medicine and Tiffany Cruickshank in Napa Valley, California in August 2016.  I am currently working towards my 500Hr. certification, which helps me to work more therapeutically with my clients.

Yoga and fitness truly have been medicine for me and I am eager to share my experiences in the hopes that it may help and/or inspire others to take control back of their own lives.

  • Get real, sustainable results
  • Holistic approach to wellness and fitness
  • Improved flexibility, stamina, and strength
  • Nutritional guidance, complete food guide
  • Increased confidence and mental strength

Trish Curling

Trish Curling
Trish CurlingYoga Teacher / Personal Trainer
I believe that everyone deserves the right to know that we have the ability to choose the life that we really want. We do not have to be overweight. We do not have to live with pain. I believe that our best life can be achieved by choosing a holistic approach to health. Eating delicious, nutritious foods and performing exercises that compliment our individual needs will lead us to a happier and healthier life all around.

Interesting Tidbits

I am committed to my clients’ success in every way possible. Communication is key in making this happen.  Everything starts with a fitness assessment, a conversation about your goals, and a plan that we both agree on!  From there we execute the plan, we review regularly and make adjustments where necessary.

Yoga is an endless journey that demands interest, practice and commitment. I love yoga and strive to constantly be the best I can be by respecting and learning from others.  I am currently working towards my 500 Hr. Teacher Training Certificate with Yoga Medicine.  

Completed Courses & Modules:

Yoga Medicine:

Yoga Medicine Teacher Training (200 Hr.) – Napa, California (August 2016)

Spine Immersion (25 Hrs.) – Vancouver, British Columbia Nov. 2016

Hip Module (60 Hrs.) – Cadiz, Spain, May 2017

Shoulder Module (60 Hrs.) – Catskills, New York, Sept. 2017

Internal Medicine I Module – Nervous System & Restorative Yoga (60 Hours) – Boone, North Carolina April 2018)


Bellies Inc., Core Confidence Specialist – Toronto, Ontario, August 2017



SFG Level 1 (Kettlebell Instructor) – Toronto, Ontario, November 2018

Everyone is different and as such, every plan is different. I use a mix of weight training, yoga, and myofascial release techniques along with nutritional guidance to help my clients achieve their fitness goals.  It is important to do what will work for you so that the habits that are created are sustainable, effective, and safe.

I’m definitely an artsy gal and my daughter definitely takes after me. I LOOOVE music, I can’t really do anything without some tunes playing in the background. I also love painting and drawing whenever I get some down time (which is not very much these days lol), but my best time is spent on my mat.
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