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Ani O Yoga is all about a RETURN TO SELF.  Our exploration on the mat allows us to take this return to self in all other aspects of our lives.

It is important to us to provide an environment that supports our students to be their best physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our “warm” studio (26.5  degrees Celsius) is not a hot yoga studio, but it allows for a safe warming of our bodies as we ease into our practice.

After a nice warm practice, you have the option to take advantage of our showers and change rooms.

We offer free parking and we are wheelchair accessible.

Our amazing team of teachers bring a vast  array of experiences and styles to Ani O Yoga.  We are a community of learning from each other and our students.  We explore this practice from a place of sharing.

We look forward to joining you on the mat!

  • Holistic approach to wellness and fitness
  • Improved flexibility, stamina, and strength
  • Increased confidence and mental strength

Trish Curling

Trish Curling
Trish CurlingYoga Teacher / Personal Trainer
I believe that everyone deserves the right to know that we have the ability to choose the life that we really want. We do not have to be overweight. We do not have to live with pain. I believe that our best life can be achieved by choosing a holistic approach to health. Eating delicious, nutritious foods and performing exercises that compliment our individual needs will lead us to a happier and healthier life all around.

Interesting Tidbits

I am committed to my clients’ success in every way possible. Communication is key in making this happen.  Everything starts with a fitness assessment, a conversation about your goals, and a plan that we both agree on!  From there we execute the plan, we review regularly and make adjustments where necessary.

Yoga is an endless journey that demands interest, practice and commitment. I love yoga and strive to constantly be the best I can be by respecting and learning from others.  I am currently working towards my 500 Hr. Teacher Training Certificate with Yoga Medicine.  

Completed Courses & Modules:

Yoga Medicine:

Yoga Medicine Teacher Training (200 Hr.) – Napa, California (August 2016)

Spine Immersion (25 Hrs.) – Vancouver, British Columbia Nov. 2016

Hip Module (60 Hrs.) – Cadiz, Spain, May 2017

Shoulder Module (60 Hrs.) – Catskills, New York, Sept. 2017

Internal Medicine I Module – Nervous System & Restorative Yoga (60 Hours) – Boone, North Carolina April 2018)


Bellies Inc., Core Confidence Specialist – Toronto, Ontario, August 2017



SFG Level 1 (Kettlebell Instructor) – Toronto, Ontario, November 2018

Everyone is different and as such, every plan is different. I use a mix of weight training, yoga, and myofascial release techniques along with nutritional guidance to help my clients achieve their fitness goals.  It is important to do what will work for you so that the habits that are created are sustainable, effective, and safe.

I’m definitely an artsy gal and my daughter definitely takes after me. I LOOOVE music, I can’t really do anything without some tunes playing in the background. I also love painting and drawing whenever I get some down time (which is not very much these days lol), but my best time is spent on my mat.
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I’ll provide you with the plan, you bring the effort and together we can reach your goals.

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