Eden Marchand

“What I love most about yoga is that it’s a practice in being present. Each time we come to our mats, our bodies and minds feel different. How can you honour what you need and practice with kindness and compassion? 
My classes focus on moving with breath and creating awareness of the body and the mind. I’m passionate about making my classes accessible to all so that the practice can be used as a tool to explore our relationships with ourselves and foster our physical and emotional wellbeing.”

Mallory Cheung

Mallory was a ballerina for most of her life and was examined and passed by the Royal Academy of Dance at the Advanced Foundation level. She also competed and placed in both national and international competitions.
Over the years, Mallory has practiced yoga and Pilates and was trained in the East to West Pilates Instructor course. She unsurprisingly fell in love at the barre again and is certified by BootyBarre. Mallory enjoys barre for its ballet foundation and how it incorporates cardio, strengthening and flexibility into one great workout.
Ballet is often viewed as an exclusive practice that has to begin at an early age. She enjoys teaching barre as it is an open workout that shares components of ballet with every age group. Her classes always incorporate a dancer’s experience, but with high tempo music and a great energy, you can expect a fun full body workout. She loves stretching and helping clients in improving their flexibility and learning to stretch safely.
“Ballet is the art, barre is its workout.”

Mia Manito
Yoga Teacher

Mia’s journey as a teacher started in 2013 when she traveled on her own to Rishikesh India to complete 200hr Yoga Certification. Divulged in the true culture she studied in an Ashram under Dr. Jutendra Das with the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation. Here he helped her uncover all the elements that compose yoga as a whole. Since then she was inspired by other teachers that she met along her journey and completed her 300hr certification back in 2016 at Semperviva Yoga Teacher College in Vancouver Canada. Mia is trained in traditional Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal and Vinyasa. Her mission and intention for her classes is to help guide students to a mind, body and breath connection, in hopes to discover more about the true self and peel the layers of the illusional ego. Mia likes to create a safe open space for people to practice comfortably in their own bodies. Her style of teaching is a meditative movement to balance the yin and yang energies while switching up the asana postures to consistently challenge students. Mia spends most of her off time meditating, writing, making travel plans, studying anything of interest, and developing natural daily remedies/recipes.
Rocio Castillo

In a sudden twist of fate, Rocio found herself in the beautiful jungles of Ubud, where she
completed her 200 hour YTT training. Coming from a social work background, Rocio brings
with her the lessons of forgiveness, compassion and new beginnings.
A long-time lover and student of the yogic practice, Rocio has experienced, first hand, the value
and power of meditation and the peace and clarity it gives.
Her classes focus on connecting with the breath and surrendering to the present moment.
“You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read,
that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems and
suffer and understand, for all that is life.” – J. Krishnamurti

Becky Yin

Over the years, Becky searched for a form of exercise that married strength, flexibility and cardio.  This search led her to many gyms and various sports. After experimenting with different styles of exercises, Becky stumbled upon the doorsteps of a yoga studio and started her dedicated yoga practices in 2009.  She earned her 200 hour certificate through Yoga Space focusing on Hatha and Vinyasa, and she’s currently taking Advanced Teacher Training at Downward Dog Yoga Center.
Becky has the privilege of studying with Bryan Kest, Seane Corn, Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy.  In 2015, she has broadened her horizons and engaged in direct study with Gymnastic Bodies and Agatsu Inc.  Inspired by all she gained from her strength training education, Becky’s class blends strength, mobility and mindfulness.
“What I like most about yoga is that there’s never an ‘end’, the student who can do a headstand has just as much to learn as the student who can’t touch his/her toes.” – Becky

Nicole Lau

In 2006, Nicole’s journey on the mat started off as a “new year resolution workout”. It didn’t take long
for her to realize yoga is not just a form of exercise but an incredible journey connecting the mind, body
and soul. Yoga became her life purpose and daily practice.
After years of dedicated practice in various studios and exploration in different styles, she completed
her 200-hour yoga teacher’s training certificate in 2013. Since then she has been actively teaching. And
with so much more to learn and explore, she continuously taking and completing different trainings,
especially the mindfulness, slow and static practice of Yin yoga and restorative yoga, where she found
her true passion.
Nicole is also a Reiki practitioner and a certified Thai yoga massage practitioner, latter trained in Toronto and Thailand. Thai yoga massage is an ancient and dynamic bodywork that works like a series of yoga-like postures and stretches. With over 1000 hours of training in various modalities, she develops her own unique approach of teaching with Metta (Loving kindness).
Her classes are suitable for all ages; emphasize on promoting the balance between strength and
flexibility, loving and accepting our bodies, finding peace within our minds. You will find her walking
around in the class giving hands-on adjustments with her massage palms and Reiki touch.
Rebecca Courvoisier
Yoga Teacher

Rebecca has always had a passion for teaching kids and adults alike. Currently working as an elementary school teacher, she loves sharing mindfulness and the benefits of breath with her students. Despite her busy days in the classroom, she decided to pursue her 200 hr yoga teacher training and feels it is the best choice she has every made! She strives to provide classes that are accessible and focused on positivity and well-being. 

“For me, yoga should leave you feeling nourished, calm and connected to your physical and spiritual body. It is so important to listen to ourselves and become more attuned to what our body and mind are telling us. If you listen, they both have a story to share.” 
Dena Sotoudeh
Yoga Teacher

A former competitive swimmer, Dena began her yoga journey in 2010. She completed 280 hours of yoga teacher training with Yoga Tree Studios in May 2016. A diligent student herself, Dena’s classes encourage students to explore the friendship that exists between mind and body and take chances to deepen the relationship through mindful movement and meditation. 

Trish Curling

Trish started as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor over 15 years ago, but decided to take her teaching skills into the classroom. During her 9 years as an Elementary School teacher, she both gained weight and incurred a number of injuries, but changed all of that by returning to yoga and resistance training.

Due to the massive impact it had on her physical, emotional, and spiritual health, Trish left her career as a teacher and became re-certified as a Personal Trainer. She also completed her 200 Hr. yoga teacher training, along with studies in the Nervous System, Restorative yoga, and the therapeutics of the shoulder, hip, and spine with Yoga Medicine & Tiffany Cruikshank.
In November of 2018, Trish also became certified as SFG Level 1 with StrongFirst.
She is so grateful to share all of the knowledge she has acquired and is always excited about learning and continuing to grow.
Trish strives to create an environment in her classes that feel safe, fun, approachable, and challenging enough, so that all participants feel like they have contributed to their overall health in a positive way.
She looks forward to seeing everyone in class!


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